Basic Pet Health or Bust!

To me, basic pet health measures represent the very essence of responsible pet ownership. You have to get these right! Whether you are aware of it or not, everyday, 24hrs/24hrs there is a battle going on in your pets' body between the good guys and the bad guys. The good guys are the various components of the immune system. The bad guys are the germs, toxins, cancer cells and the like that are constantly "attacking" the body. By getting the basic pet care right, you tip the scale of the battle in favour of the immune system and health. Get it wrong, and the scale tips in the opposite direction. Getting the basics right cannot of course guarantee that your pet will enjoy good health, but it certainly shortens the odds in its favour.

So, it doesn't matter what pet you have, they will all benefit from fresh air (even goldfish!), clean water, a balanced diet, shelter and in most cases - attention and exercise . Not much different from a human really except most pets have to rely on a human to provide these life essentials. And that is where things can go wrong!

Of course, your pets' health isn't usually the major factor you consider when you choose a place to live and work. Usually it's economics, family ties and the like. In reality, those are what are important to people and what makes their world go round. But really, whether jobs are readily available or granny is a convenient baby sitter who lives just round the corner, they simply don't rate in your pet's world.

Fresh air, clean water, a balanced diet, and shelter are really

basic pet health requirements that we need to supply for our pet(s).If you don't get these right, then your pets' immune system is already under attack. While one of these factors by itself might not cause a problem, when added to another, or several other seemingly insignificant challenges, the scale can quickly tip from healthy pet to unhealthy pet.