Which cat breed?

Which cat breed would be suitable? All breeds are the same!Tonkinese are better than Siamese! Tabbies rule! You get the picture. While on the face of it, domestic cats have nowhere near the variety that dog breeds have,in reality the choices are mind boggling.

Unlike dogs, the vast majority of cats are more or less the same size, so their space and food requirements will not vary too much. However, that is where the similarities end.

Before you get to deciding what cat breed you want, you should spend a bit of time sorting out why you want a cat - for company, to show,etc. Your reasoning here might well point you towards (or away from!) some breeds.

The next decision you will need to make is whether you would like a short-haired or long-haired cat breed. All cats shed hair on an ongoing basis and long hair is generally more noticeable on beds, couches etc.

Although all cats are adept at keeping themselves well groomed, it is true that long-haired cats tend to literally get themselves into knots from time to time. Thus human intervention is often required and you need to be aware of your responsibilities in this regard - and don't forget the increased likelihood of hairballs!

Some examples of long-haired breeds are:
1) Persians - probably the best known long-haired breed the world over
2) Maine Coon - bigger than most other breeds
3) Balinese
4) Himalayan

Some examples of short-haired breeds are:
1) Siamese - known for being particularly vocal compared to most other breeds
2) Burmese
3) Manx - best known for the (almost) lack of tail
4) Abyssinian

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All breeds have their own subtle but unique temperament characteristics and you need to thoroughly research these to determine which breed would be best suited to your circumstances and character. A mis-match inevitably leads to stress and potentially poor pet health!

Cat shows are a good place to start appreciating the differences between the various breeds. It is also a good place to meet and get to know a few breeders and to see their cats.

Of course, you should not ignore the claims of the non pure-breed brigade. Many "street" cats have a fantastic temperament and make brilliant companions. Most animal shelters unfortunately have an abundance of these cats on offer and you could do a lot worse than pop down to your local shelter and choose a well deserving feline.

Whichever cat breed you choose, make sure you are equipped to house, feed and look after your pet. Cats may not rush to the gate when you come home each day, but in their own way they require just as much affection and attention as any dog.

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