Common Cat Health Issues

There are dozens of common cat health issues that can affect your feline friend. Some are influenced by age, some by breed, some by housing, nutrition, geographic location etc etc.

In order to try and keep a semblance of order, we are going to divide the more common cat health issues into broad groupings, and then address the more common diseases and conditions within each broad group.

Common Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases, as the name implies, are diseases that can be transmitted from one cat to another, either directly by close contact or via another mechanism. They can be broadly divided according to the cause of the disease - bacteria, viruses, funguses and protozoa. The immune system plays an important part in trying to fight off infectious diseases, and can be quite successful in preventing a cat from becoming ill. By applying Basic Pet Health Principles you can improve the disease fighting capabilities of the immune system, and thus improve the health of your cat(s).

Bacterial Diseases

Feline Infectious Anaemia (Hemobartenellosis)

Viral Diseases

Feline Infectious Peritonitis(FIP)
Feline Panleukopenia