The ideal Dog Training Tool?

The ideal dog training tool does not exist. No single tool, whether it is a book, a video, a piece of equipment or a dog training course can be effectively used to train any and every dog. The reason for this is quite simple - no two people and no two dogs are the same and thus a "one size fits all" approach will never deliver consistently good results.

The ideal dog training tool therefore is the one that works best for you and the dog you are training. It also needs to be pointed out that your results depend on a range of criteria such as:

1) How receptive the dog is to training - just like people with maths, some dogs are better at grasping the ideas than others.

2) What sort of outcome do you want to achieve - getting a dog to sit is more easy than trying to make it do a back flip with a barrel role!

3) How much time and effort you have to devote to the training.

While the ideal dog training tool does not exist per se, All dog training tools need to meet the following standards.

1) The training method should never abuse the animal physically or mentally.

2) It should be fun for both the animal and trainer.

3) It should build on and improve the human-animal relationship.

The end result of using your choice of dog training tool should be a happy dog and a happy household.

Here are several options that you can look at to help you in compiling your own dog training course. One, or a combination of them, might well turn out to be your ideal dog training tool.

Click Here! to see what Sit, Stay, Fetch has to offer.This ebook concentrates more on correcting behavioral problems, but in essence is about training your dog to enhance the human-pet relationship.

On the other hand, Dove Cresswell's online training course concentrates on teaching you the principles of dog training. The presentation is in the form of online video presentations which has the advantage of you being able to see and hear exactly what you need to do.Click Here! to watch a lesson for free!

Please remember, utilising any Dog Training Tool should be a constructive step towards improving the relationship between you and your dog.