Some useful normal values

It is important for you to get to know some basic normal values so that you can recognise abnormal values and respond appropriately. Here are some tables for various pets that list "normal" physiological data.

Please understand that these "normal" values are averages and thus, if you take individual variances into account, it is possible for your pet to have a value outside these ranges but still be perfectly healthy.These values are therefore not absolute, but are for guidance only.


Adult dog

Temperature 37.8-39C
Pulse 60-170 bpm
Breathing 10-30/min
Pregnancy 56-63 days
Weaning age 4-6 weeks


Adult cat

Temperature 37.8C-39.2C
Pulse 140-240 bpm
Breathing 20-40/min
Pregnancy 60-65days
Weaning age 4-6 weeks


Adult Rabbit

Temperature 37C-39.4C
Pulse 220 bpm
Breathing 35-60/min
Pregnancy 30-33days
Weaning age 7-8 weeks

Guinea Pigs

Temperature 37.2C-39.5C
Pulse 130-190 bpm
Breathing 90-150/min
Pregnancy 59-72days
Weaning age 3 weeks

Rats and Mice

Rats and (Mice)
Temperature 38C (37.5C)
Pulse 260-450 bpm (500-600 bpm)
Breathing 70-150/min (100-250/min)
Pregnancy 20-22days (19-21 days)
Weaning Age 3-4 weeks (3-4 weeks)


Temperature 40C-41C
Breathing 25-35/min (resting)
Incubation period 17-18 days

It is a good idea to establish other normal values for your particular breed of pet. Things like expected normal adult weight, normal life span etc etc all add to your picture of what is normal for your pet. With that basis of knowledge, abnormal occurences become that much more easy to recognise and act on.