Articles on Pets and Pet Related Subjects

Welcome to our Pet Articles page where you will find articles on a wide range of subjects related to pets and written by a range of authors. The views expressed in these articles are not necessarily always the same as mine, but then it is always worthwhile to see what others have to say on a diverse range of subjects.

Dog Temperament – Inherited or Developed?

There have been ongoing debate and lots of research within the dog breeding and research community that focuses on animal behavior and temperament regarding the nature versus nurture issue when it comes to temperament. It is important to note that temperament in these research studies goes beyond just the dog’s personality traits........... read more

Preschool Puppy Training

The subsequent step in preschool puppy training starts at around ten weeks of age. I’m now going to introduce your pup to the “stay” command.First, a quick word of warning - it involves the rewards given to your puppy when playing the fetch-sit game.......

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