Primary Pet Health Questions

The most common pet health questions should be (but usually aren't) related to what you as a pet owner can do to maximise pet health and thereby prevent health problems from occurring. As with human primary health, many preventable health problems can be avoided if you take the time to find out what your particular pets' primary health requirements are.

Irrespective of your type of pet (species or breed), your questions should be about deworming ,the vaccination requirements, diet, the control of fleas and other external parasites, and surgical/pharmaceutical interventions to prevent unwanted breeding. You should be asking your Veterinarian "what" and "how" in all of these areas of primary pet health.

By attending to the primary health needs of your pet, you maximise the immune system's capabilities and minimise many of the major stresses that can wear down the body's ability to cope with external and internal challenges to its well-being.

Ideally, you will ask these important pet health questions BEFORE you acquire your pet. But, what with the usual excitement that surrounds acquiring a new pet, these things often get forgotten. Thats not a big problem as long as you make it your business to find out about the primary health needs of your pet as soon as possible. Obviously, diet requirements are important from day one but most other information can be gathered over the following few weeks.

Click on this link for advice and tips about what to do on your first day home with your puppy. However, you should not leave things too long as tick transmitted diseases like canine ehrlichiosis can be transmitted to very young animals, often with tragic results.