What You Need to Know About Pet Medicines

Pet medicines encompass a broad range of medications ranging from those that any owner can buy over the counter, such as many dewormers and dips, to those that require at least a prescription from a Veterinarian.

From the outset we need to understand that although, by definition, medicines are used to improve health,either by preventing or combating disease, they very often can be detrimental to the health of an animal if used incorrectly.

The incorrect usage of pet medicines includes over (and under) dosing, and using the incorrect medication for a specific condition. The simple lesson here is that you should know the weight of your pet before you calculate the dosage required and that you should never dose a pet with any medication that is not specifically meant for your pet.

An example of the latter is the use of common human medications such as painkillers and cough syrups without an appropriate diagnosis having been made.One of the big problems with this sort of "treating" of pets is that in the vast majority of cases the medication has either no effect, or worse, a negative effect, on the condition, but the owner believes that they have addressed the problem simply because they have given the pet "medicine"!

The usual result is that, at best, time is wasted before a proper diagnosis is made and correct treatment started, or,in the worst case scenario, the initial treatment either masks the problem or aggravates it, or both!

So while the usage of pet medicines is an integral part of responsible pet ownership, we need to guard against being lazy or even negligent in how we use them.