The Pet Products Bonanza

There are a gazillion pet products available with almost every pet imaginable catered for. These products can and should add to the quality of your pet's life. This can range from a simple thing like deworming pills that rids your pet of a debilitating worm load to more exotic products like a comfy chair or toy or even fun things like non -alcoholic dog beer which you can share with your favourit pooch! Before you dive in and purchase any pet product, please consider a few pointers:

1) Is it safe for ALL pets in your household? That means you need to consider the safety aspect from not only the point of view of the intended recipient of the chosen product, but also from the point of view of other pets in your household.In fact, you should also consider humans, especially the younger crawling variety!

2) Is it healthy for the pet? Will your purchase make a positive difference to the animal's quality of life? This can be problematic sometime e.g. Some dogs love chocolate and their owners feed it to them as a treat - but it is a potentially dangerous foodstuff for dogs. So on the one hand the "treat" can be seen to enhancing the quality of life (enjoyment) but on the other hand the "treat" could be toxic!

3) Can you afford it. Sounds strange I know but it is only common sense that one should not spend on luxuries at the expense of the basics.So make sure that vaccinations, good quality food, adequate housing, regular deworming etc are taken care of before you spend money on other goodies.

Having accounted for the points above - now comes the fun part! Have fun finding pet products that will enhance your pet's quality of life. Keep it simple, go overboard, hit the middle of the road - which ever way you go there are a bunch of products out there specifically designed for your pet.