The Pet Training Product Resource Page

This pet training product resource page is designed to give you exposure and access to a variety of helpful pet training resources.

Contrary to the opinions of some people, I feel it is quite possible to learn how to train your own pets. There are some really good courses offered online (see below),as well as some real rubbish.

Please also keep in mind that not all resources will suit everyone and that for the best results, you need to use a resource that you are comfortable with.

Dogs and Puppies

1) Dog Training with SitStayFetch

This is a comprehensive look at dog obedience training.

The basic package is a very good e-book but you can upgrade during the order process to include downloadable video files and some software that really gives you a hard to beat package.

In addition you get the following bonuses!

1)Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog e-Book

2)All The House Training Methods & Tricks e-Book

3)Dog Grooming Made Easy e-Book

4)Tips On Security Training Your Dog e-Book

5)An e-mail consultation line

The e-book is divided into three levels that present a logical path that you can follow in the process of training your dog.

Level 1 is divided into

DOG 101: It’s a Dogs Life

DOG 102: Caring for Your Dog

DOG 103: Training Methods Revealed.

Level 2 progresses a bit further

DOG 201: Secrets to Understanding Your Dog

DOG 202: Dog Problems Solved

DOG 203: Commands to Start

Level 3 rounds out your education!

DOG 301: Dog Whispering Uncovered

DOG 302: More Dog Problems Solved

DOG 303: Advanced Commands and Tricks

The Secrets to Dog Training Video Files provide excellent additional information in an audio-visual format, showing you exactly how you should do things.

Finally, as this product is sourced through Clickbank, you have an 8 week, no risks money back guarantee should you feel that the course is not for you.

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2) Dog Training Online

Dove Cresswell is a professional Hollywood dog trainer. She has put together a series of multi media training lessons that you can view online.

You also get 7 bonus audio files. They are:

1)Teach Your Dog to Fetch

2)Choose the Right Dog Food & Treats

3)Train Your Dog to Play Soccer

4)Teach Your Dog to Play Hide ‘n Seek

5)Information on Dog Sports

6)Choosing The Right Toys For Your Dog

7)Earning Your Dog’s Respect

The course is made up of 7 multimedia lessons. Each one is a narrated and illustrated slideshow that shows you what to do and what not to do, while at the same time enabling you to hear in what tones commands and praise should be given, which is a huge advantage to beginners.

This product is sold through Clickbank, so you enjoy a cast iron money back guarantee if the course does not live up to your expectations and you return it within 8 weeks of purchase.

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Dog Training Masters Home Study Course

This course has it all - and then some.

This is what you get:

1)Quick Start Guide e-Book

2)Dog Psychology Audio Program

3)Puppy Training Audio Program

4)Dog Obedience Audio Program

5)Problem Solving Part 1 Audio Program

6)Problem Solving Part 2 Audio Program

7)Training Guide e-Book

8)Study Manual e-Book

9)Plan of Action e-Book

10) And the cherry on the top is a 12-Month One-on-One Email Consultation line!

There are also a host of bonuses that add to the value of this offering.

All the material is out of the top draw with the e books well written while the audio programs feature interviews with a leading dog trainer and canine behaviorist and are a very effective addition to the course material.

With such a large volume of information on offer, the quick start guide is an important point of reference, while the Plan of Action e-Book provides an easy step-by-step plan of what you should do once you have gone through the material. This reinforces what you’ve learned and helps you convert your knowledge into action.

Again, this product is sold through Clickbank, so you enjoy a money back guarantee if the course does not live up to your expectations.

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