Preschool Puppy Training: The Stay Command at 10 Weeks

The subsequent step in preschool puppy training starts at around ten weeks of age. I’m now going to introduce your pup to the “stay” command.

First, a quick word of warning - it involves the rewards given to your puppy when playing the fetch-sit game. As you head towards the end of each ten minute game time, you will begin notice your puppy tiring. If he poops out and rejects the retrieve, do not give the snack reward and end the game. To do something else would be to reward your puppy for giving up and quitting. Make sure that you always end each game session by commanding “sit” and placing the puppy in that position. Then follow it by praise in the snack reward.

Now the next training session; make sure that you firmly keep in mind that kindergarten training is above all for teaching a puppy how to learn, we can introduce the command to “stay” when the puppy is but 10 weeks of age. Up until now, we've written the words “sit” and “come” on the sheet of the puppy's mind.

So, we've given the puppy no opportunity to do something else when those commands have been given. Consequently, the puppy cannot have been guilty of any disobedience in response to those commands. The puppy certainly didn't carry out any of those behaviors on his own terms, of course, but at that age he shouldn't be expected to. We're training the puppy how to learn, so always remember that!

Introducing Your Dog to the Stay Command

At ten weeks of age, and during your fetch-sit games, you can introduce the word “stay” into your puppy's vocabulary this way:

At this point, your puppy should be in a sitting position, and before throwing out the fetch toy, make sure that you place your left hand on the puppy's rear to help in holding him in that sitting position. Next, give the command “stay” in a firm, firm voice tone, putting your other hand at his eye level for added emphasis and throw to fetch toy.

If your puppy does not move in an attempt to go after the toy, praise him right away and release him with “Okay, get the toy.” If the puppy moves in an attempt to take the toy, tell him “No!” Lead him back to the same spot and emphasize the command to stay. Have your puppy hold that sit-stay position for a few seconds, then release him to take the toy, followed by praise. At the end of your puppy’s training period, give him a treat reward.

Article by Sam Perry of Oh My Dog Supplies, your top spot to purchase dog carriers online.